Local Digital Development agency opens it's doors to support innovation.

FIN Digital & ISDM Solutions announced a new initiative named Smart Business Spaces as part of their interactive solution offerings. The two firms have joined together to launch an IOT Playground in their loft style office space. Located two blocks from the White House, the initiative will support organizations that are seeking opportunities for innovation.

FIN & ISDM will offer dedicated programming to local executives designed to encourage an open exchange of ideas and promote technology. The IOT Playground will host workshops, events, industry-focused trainings, Internet of Things (IoT) demonstrations and Q&A sessions.
"Throughout our time, we've seen that leaders rarely have a space for real conversations about what it means to implement high-tech solutions," said FIN CIO Rakia Finley. "With the support from the DC community we’re excited to change that."

"This initiative will give business leaders a safe space to ask tough questions about the in's and out's of technology. We believe, by doing this, we're supporting D.C.'s vision to create a more diverse and inclusive city that supports tech economy." CEO of FIN, Marcus Finley.
Leaders will get insight on utilizing technologies including; audio visual, video, mobile development, smart devices, VR, bots, beacons, and web applications, to generate custom solutions for their organization or industry. The programming aims to foster innovation and help organizations turn ideas into reality.

“We’re excited about the power of tech and we want to see local job creators just as excited. It’s our belief that by creating this space for them to come and ask questions they will be empowered to get innovative,” said Stephen Milner, of ISDM Solutions.

The initiative will take place in the joint office of FIN Digital & ISDM Solutions for the remainder of the year with a launch event on September 14th for D.C. leaders.

Website: www.fin-digital.com/smartspaces