The sky-rocketing demand for AI experts results in recruitment revolution

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The demand for AI and Machine Learning experts is sky rocketing, there is a predicted 50% - 60% gap between the supply and the demand by 2018. The A.I market value which is currently estimated at $0.6BN is supposed to reach $37BN by 2025, with 50% compound annual growth rate.

The amount of AI and ML projects available is overwhelming, and data scientists get buried in recruiters’ emails every day. It is difficult to find and distinguish the cutting edge projects, and academics spend too much of their valuable time looking for interesting clients and talking to mass recruiters. In the same time companies struggle to find the resources they need to innovate and automate their processes with machine learning.

Brainpool was created to solve this problem. It is a matching platform in which data scientists and clients can easily find each other on a project basis, without unnecessary admin, paperwork or recruiters. Both sides of the marketplace get scored on multiple factors such as sophistication or difficulty level of a project and skills required to complete it. Brainpool’s algorithm matches the two sides to ensure satisfaction for both data scientist’s and the client side.

Most members of the pool have PhDs from universities such as UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and worked for AI leading companies such as Google DeepMind or Spotify. Brainpool gives researchers an opportunity to work on interesting client projects across industries, whilst making sure they have time to continue their research and stay on top of the latest AI and ML developments.

The idea originated at UCL’s computing department, the CEO Paula Parpart who is currently finishing her PhD in Computational Cognitive Science has personally experienced the problem described above and decided to find a solution. Rather than being yet another recruitment platform, Brainpool is an academia based network of top level data scientists, where they can exchange ideas, learn from each other and develop algorithms and products as solutions to repeating problems across industries.

Pretty much every industry will be completely transformed by AI and ML over the next decade. Make sure you are ready for the change, and have the right resources to keep up and stay ahead of competition.

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