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Infosys (NYSE: INFY)

Infosys (NYSE: INFY) is a global leader in technology services and consulting. We enable clients in 45 countries to create and execute strategies for their digital transformation. From engineering to application development, knowledge management and business process management, we help our clients find the right problems to solve, and to solve these effectively. Our team of over 198,000+ innovators, across the globe, is differentiated by the imagination, knowledge and experience, across industries and technologies, that we bring to every project we undertake.

Infosys Nia is a unified, flexible, modular and integrated AI platform that enables a wide set of industry and function-specific solutions. It also allows customers to build custom experiences to suit their business needs. Infosys Nia converges powerful AI technologies like big data, analytics, advanced machine learning, knowledge management, and cognitive automation capabilities. 


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Volv Global S.A.

Volv Global's mission is to enhance well-being for all by accelerating science and reducing the costs of health care. Volv strives to accomplish that through close relationships with official organizations and institutes in the life sciences and medical industries as well as with partners that want to progress real-world evidence, foster adherence, and promote medicine and medical device safety agendas. The team’s specialists who are experts in healthcare and life sciences have created and run highly valuable algorithms that became adopted by the biotechnology sector, and they are extensively experienced in the latest Web cloud, machine-learning, and artificial intelligence technologies.

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Arago is the leading artificial intelligence company that has maintained its start-up mentality for decades. Since being founded in 1995, Arago has been a pioneer in AI engineering. We are building an AI platform focused on the B2B sector using machine reasoning and analytical components to assist your efficiency and promote your innovation. Although being in an ever-changing high-tech environment, we operate without forgetting that solving big problems takes time, precision, and excellence.

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Featurespace’s machine learning ARIC™ platform uses anomaly detection to analyse complex behavioural data in real time, within the authentication stream, for fraud and risk management.
Humans intuitively profile people we know over time – adapting our sense of normal patterns of behaviour. If we spot someone behaving out of character, we reach out. Featurespace’s adaptive behavioural analytics technology works in the same way.
ARIC™ understands individual behaviour, identifying new fraud attacks as they happen to reduce the costs associated with managing fraud. Simultaneously, ARIC™ reduces genuine transactions incorrectly declined by over 70%, enabling businesses to accept more revenue.

Prowler IO.png is the Cambridge, U.K. based creator of the first principled A.I. decision-making platform. Its world-class team of experts in probabilistic modelling, machine learning and multi-agent systems is building the platform on a foundation of interpretable principles of mathematics and decision theory. empowers customers to optimise the millions of micro-decisions that can occur in complex, dynamic systems such as online games, autonomous vehicles and smart cities.



Ravelin helps online businesses reduce losses and increase revenues by enabling more genuine orders to be accepted through the application of leading technologies. By integrating with a business’ website or mobile app to get a real-time feed of customer data, a machine learning model provides the client with probabilistic scores of the likelihood of customers being fraudulent. Machine learning allows us to protect our clients in real-time as scores are delivered in under 500ms guaranteed. We employ graph network analysis to identify and block whole networks of connected fraudulent accounts, within a merchant’s database and across Ravelin’s network of merchants.






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Speechmatics’ versatile automatic speech recognition technology, based on decades of research and experience in neural networks, is enabling world-leading companies to power a speech-enabled future.

In the age of the internet, which has helped make our planet feel smaller, creating a universal transcription tool helps enable businesses to internationally expand into countries beyond their native tongue. Through our technological advancements in machine learning and AI, we’ve become a leading transcription competitor that is building the best speech technology for any application, anywhere, in any language.


Cobalt Speech and Language

Cobalt is a leading provider of custom speech and language solutions for small and large businesses. We offer 100% in-house technology covering a variety of speech & language technologies, including speech recognition, TTS, analysis of both text and audio, custom technologies, and consulting. Cobalt was founded in 2014 by Jeff Adams, who had previously led speech technology R&D groups at Amazon, Yap, and Nuance.

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Xephor Solutions GmbH

Xephor Solutions offers the first working AGI worldwide. Therewith not only machine learning, but also machine thinking is possible! Practically all tasks where you need creativity and new ideas can be overtaken. After a period of learning the system is working autonomously in all areas suggesting new solutions of improvement. The AGI is constantly developing and adapting to new circumstances by itself. The use is easy: Through a communication window you can interact with the system in any natural language – technical know-how or programming skills are not necessary! Within a few hours of installation-time everybody can work with it!

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Brainpool AI

Brainpool is a platform providing access to a network of over 130 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts from top universities such as UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Stanford.

Brainpool helps companies introduce AI and ML into their data analytics. Getting Started with AI consultancy package is designed to leave you with a step-by-step guide to what you need to do to automate, optimise and innovate your business with AI, and a portfolio of ML solutions ready to be implemented.

Brainpool also brings AI and ML solutions to companies across various industries: Retail, Marketing, Finance, Healthcare, IT.

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At Deepomatic, we believe artificial intelligence should be made accessible to all. To achieve this goal, we have created a platform which enables businesses to develop their own image recognition systems. The easy-to-use web platform, allows our customers to tackle their image-related problems by building and deploying custom AIs, without the need for a team of deep learning specialists. Customers simply upload their images, train their model through manual annotation and active learning and then deploy their API. We work with companies in a variety of industries such as automotive, healthcare, fashion and construction.



Botfuel is a market-leading platform for developing enterprise-grade chatbots.

Since 2016, Botfuel has been working with industry leaders from various sectors to develop scalable conversational experiences for e-commerce and customer support.

Through a Developer Portal, Botfuel provides enterprise developers with off-the-shelf natural language processing APIs and bot SDK, Botmeter, a bot analytics platform, and Botfuel QnA, an intuitive web interface that lets users turn FAQ into chatbots.

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Logikk is a niche provider of the best talent across Data Science, Advanced Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

We provide solutions for Permanent, Contract and Executive Search.

Our Mission:
“To help businesses maximise the potential of their data through the people we provide”


Ammi Systems

Ammi Systems is an artificial intelligence consultancy firm which helps business’, discover and implement artificial intelligence platforms into their business.
Ammi Systems goal is to drive artificial intelligence into a business by asking the right questions, and finding out what is to be achieved. 
Ammi Systems has a wealth of knowledge and expertise of the various AI technologies and platforms and the goal is always to ensure that what is introduced will streamline the business.
Ammi Systems approach is to treat every business as completely individual and to build in something bespoke that will make long lasting changes.





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ECS Inc.

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